Sand Spirals

from by Wizard Business



Much that once was has long since been forgotten
Buried and lost weathered beyond recall
the times have changed brought fourth a new eon
one thing is clear others were here evidence is seen everywhere
A new age spawns the belief of ignorance
for too long have all shown lack of gestation
you must evolve or be dissolved into nothing
the scrolls of the dead are all we have left
all that holds weight are the teachings of the past
eyes show minds grow beyond all worlds fall given into time
Stars align breathe life into the souls of those destined to arise
sand covers all traces of the past now fossilized forgotten to time
Hourglass overturned it is time to prepare genesis inevitable
Dreams of freedom from this cage infiltrate the souls of those eager to banish ignorance
Break free from all that you accept as fact realize theres so much more than most choose to understand
this quintessential era beckons the question what must be done lest our history is doomed to repeat
the water rose eroded all that once was
fissures and quakes erase all manmade marvels
technology society reduced to nothing let go
order is lost replaced with utter chaos
the few who were spared assemble in reverence
rumors of a new order uttered endless
there is one among them who has risen to power eager to
traverse other planes
Attention to the Gods a new pawn has spawned to realign the order See in me what you will
to gain your good graces I offer sacrifice I give you the head
one of my own men
See Im committed with your help my power grows beyond all
with a life to live
Doors open before us almost there home forever
ascent after all
those who appose have no knowledge of mercy we've been here before
I know the mistakes that have been made Emperean opens
Learn from this stone etched temple
Let us light the way

[Now] its time to give this a try put the past behind, beckon the [sky]
Leave this behind, follow bloodlines inherit design
the powers within you, the spiral continues
release your virtues to become divine
We gather speed and supercede all that we [know]
Drop the hammer and prepare for geno[cide]
Momentum swings the pendulum back to the [start]
A new coil unravels out dark displace[ment]
Steel blades, blood lines
Lost Kings, new wives
Dim lands, bright skies
Long gone, my time

Let go of ignorance, LOST
Feel the land tremble forth, THROUGH
Now sound the drums of war, TIME
Leave this world take our place, SKY


from Battle Tiger, released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Wizard Business Haverhill, Massachusetts

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