How could it all come down to this?
Brother vs. brother amidst this strife
I gave you/ more than/ most
This was your choice
Mine though it may be,I am not alone
Legions will follow, Eager to dethrone
Cast me down, the deed is done
Steel in my side torn the flesh from the bone
After all/ these years/ why
Could you not take my hand?
My final hour I exert unto you
Come close and heed your kin’s last dying truth
You fool the key lies in synergy…

Seek out the enemy and find his men
This continues no longer
Many will die before this ends
Weak blood falling to stronger

Leave them weakened beaten broken and destroyed
Leave them hollowed sallowed unwoven at the core
Leave them confused concussed, pulverized to dust
Leave them tired expired absolute zero
If its blood you seek there’ll be buckets of it
spilling from the throats cut down by my hand
Time for conversation is long forgotten
as my thirst for blood grows stronger
[Following in your footsteps, for I'm your shadow
Leading you in this fight]
[Lurking on your shoulder and drawing closer
whispering what is right]
Many may have died but there’s one I’m after
I welcome all challengers along the way
Cutting through the ranks with ease and honor
All the while with eyes locked on my prey
Brother vs. brother They’re teething at the rind Tale as old as time
Brother vs. brother Their Cain and Abel fable Heads upon the table


from Battle Tiger, released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


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