Battle Tiger

by Wizard Business

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released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Wizard Business Haverhill, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Blood
How could it all come down to this?
Brother vs. brother amidst this strife
I gave you/ more than/ most
This was your choice
Mine though it may be,I am not alone
Legions will follow, Eager to dethrone
Cast me down, the deed is done
Steel in my side torn the flesh from the bone
After all/ these years/ why
Could you not take my hand?
My final hour I exert unto you
Come close and heed your kin’s last dying truth
You fool the key lies in synergy…

Seek out the enemy and find his men
This continues no longer
Many will die before this ends
Weak blood falling to stronger

Leave them weakened beaten broken and destroyed
Leave them hollowed sallowed unwoven at the core
Leave them confused concussed, pulverized to dust
Leave them tired expired absolute zero
If its blood you seek there’ll be buckets of it
spilling from the throats cut down by my hand
Time for conversation is long forgotten
as my thirst for blood grows stronger
[Following in your footsteps, for I'm your shadow
Leading you in this fight]
[Lurking on your shoulder and drawing closer
whispering what is right]
Many may have died but there’s one I’m after
I welcome all challengers along the way
Cutting through the ranks with ease and honor
All the while with eyes locked on my prey
Brother vs. brother They’re teething at the rind Tale as old as time
Brother vs. brother Their Cain and Abel fable Heads upon the table
Track Name: Battle Tiger
We fight for all that we know, for all that we love this oath we have sworn
Discourse the orders forth our cause without equal stupendous
Broken bones may mend we'll see this through until the end
Leave this world behind, take our rightful place in the sky
IT’S TIME! The hour is nigh the day is ours
COMPLY! The conduit awaits our accession
DIVIDE! From this world that’s forsaken
ARISE! Break these shackles and let us fly
[Doomed] And let it be known To all with eyes to see and ears to hear
That few stood before many In the face of immolation and persevered Leave this war torn world they adore adorned with corpses
The Gods favors our cause the fates honor the prophecy now
Gravity can’t hold us down as we ascend from the ground
Leave this world behind, take our rightful place in the sky
--Solo dedicated to blair--
[Doomed] And so it came to pass That kin betrayed his kin
Renounced of all they’ve known To become Gods

Here we stand on high possessing the power reserved for divine
Immortality bestowed upon us set us free
Ascension is complete sublime our kind none left to decline
We left this world behind, took our rightful place in the sky
Track Name: Heir
My tale is one of irony Shed no tears for me
but marvel in what was achieved
Before the great ascension I was one to be feared
Now doomed to this life of harlequincy
[Hate] Dancing and prancing so beautifully menacing
His majesty jovial in his menagerie
[Slave] Hardly aware of agendas underlying
this “fools” plot to put an end to his bloodline
[My] With eyes of desire cast upon the queen
[Lust] My energies are focused on her to see me
[Hate] Desire transpires into bright blue fire
That scorches its way through my soul without tire
[Slave] My nostrils intoxicated by her scent
My Heart beating seemingly without relent
[My] Her spell cast upon me, the trap sprung cleanly
[Queen] These selfish lustful delusions leave me incomplete
My tale is far from complete
If only we ended with lust, but the plot proves to be deep
The secret is safe for now, complacency is not achieved
One step out of line without question becomes
[Hate] My duties performed expertly, flawlessly
Clearer than day that even a blind man could see
[Slave] To my great surprise I'm excited to see
That My volleys to her are returned back to me
[My] Late at night I awake to a sound so sweet
[Lust] Her majesty whispers follow me
[Hate] Could this be the moment the end to my longing
She takes hold of my hand and guides me so blindly
[Slave] At last in her chambers her robes drop before me
I behold a site that’s reserved for the King
[My] In the masters chamber I lay with the queen
[Queen] Together deep inside a child is conceived
--solo dedicated to susan--
Track Name: Sky People
For how long
[Time] Has this war been waged
Memories of felicity have aged
[Blades] Once beautiful, this land we love
Now defiled and scarred from those above
[Flay] The cowards could not see it through
Their battle won, the war stands true
[Minds] Left to ponder why the few were spared
As a beam of light crashes into the ground
My enemy emerges from the wreckage
Banished outright from his own a traitor
The one that stands before me, Xavian is Asking me
if it is really that much:
Better to live this way than to fight another day
Hear these words I say, the Gods care not from whence you pray
I’ve counted coin and cut the costs, as we spiral towards this complete loss
Together we can alter fate; the paradigm has shifted once again
[Time] he Came to me with head held low
Aware of the debts that his kind owes
[Blades] His hand outstretched eager for mine
When I decline he explains there is no time
[Flay] We must put our differences aside
Look past the hate or surely die
[Minds] The power my people possess
Is divine in nature capable of more than
You can imagine but I can teach you
Let go of the ego I beseech you
Attention peeked Xavian curiously
Has me asking myself if its that much
Ripping and tearing down the walls I built up inside of me
Discard the losses to conjure our peak performances
Victory’s within our grasp if we realize it’s
Unobtainable without the sacrifices OF OUR MORALS!
Take my hand I'll teach you everything
Two become one
Track Name: Throne
The best approach to assail my father, Lies ahead [HOW?]
Born and raised this place means home to me, No welcome here [WHY?]
Cast out denounced disgraced aborted Bastard [NO]
Forgive my reminiscions there is Work to be done
RUN! Stick to the shadows
NO sanctuary
Trust not in the path most obvious, Danger ahead [YES]
There’s always a back way in you see, Come with me
One mile of man my fa-ther stands
High above all before his crown
Loved by all save his bas-tard son
Shrouds of shame I am the one
[HEAR] my ears are flawed what deception clouds me
[SEE] my apparition known only to me
[FATE] Born of a line destined to destroy
[BE] the weapon of destiny held in my hematic
fist of confidence, Thoughts of cognizance , Open gates to you
[I] Trust in truth comes slow [AM]
The stairways spiral is so entrancing Rising up [HIGH]
Looking out at his darkened kingdom Soon to be mine [OURS?]
The kings warriors line the hallways Almost there [CLOSE]
Anticipation fuels my conquest Time to prepare
NO backing down now, THE TIME is upon us
Blood of a prince allows me access, Steady your nerves [GO!]
The air in this place is palpable, Unleash Hell
For too long has the king taken Command of this world no more his
Reign ends to-night fell by my hand Glorious transformation
[HEAR] my ears are flawed what deception clouds me
[SEE] my apparition known only to me
[FATE] Born of a line destined to destroy
[BE] the weapon of destiny held in my hematic
Souls grow stronger still Combined they fulfill What is my purpose?
[YOU] Conquer the Ast-ral [ARE]
Infested with power Foreign thoughts fuel his step
My reign starts with your death I claim inheritance
I was never yours anyway, You taught me lies
as a boy Doomed me to darkness Now die!
With one fell swipe two men die
Looking down on my hands I can see they are
stained with the blood of betrayer and the King
The pawn played his role
Doomed from the start that disposable part
Xavian will prove a perfect whipping boy
Behold power
Witness the death of an age and the birth of an era
free from confines of a cage
One less man
Now that the king is out of the way we can focus
energies on what lies ahead
Join me
I welcome all who desire to join my cause
cast aside all your convictions or die
All I have but one thing left to say kneel before Dominor King
or moisten my blade
Track Name: Maelstrom
Form! Ranks!
its time to fight take it back
muster your mettle prepare the onslaught
the skiy tear open now’s the time
ready the first wave the targets clear attack NOW!
The fissure in the sky, Bleeds forth garrisons
The bastards begin their descent
Anchor the tether, break backs to burn heaven
We must drag this fight to our plane
Pull! Climb!
That's it men tear these fuckers down
no quarter is granted on the ground
before the day is done you'll see
they'll kneel before us, it's their destiny
We fight for conclusion, reconciliation is out of the conversation
If The Chancellor is god in heaven, then I am the devil
And welcome to hell!
We must tear the sky to the ground.
Track Name: Dominor & The Chancellor
Although you have tried Your efforts denied We still have life
Fighting the fight We’re doing just fine Far from the sky
Cast aside left to die We survived To your surprise
On the ground we thrive living off the land
We've been here before with scars of war
desensitized yet yearning for more
we balance the scales even the score
my will is a wall supreme overall unscalable it will not fall
impossible to break me down
At last we meet Dominor, colloquy I welcome you to my kingdom, gracefully
I can feel your anguish in me We have so much we can offer,
heed this bid
I can make you my warlord, unrivaled All I require is for you to kneel before me
Leave your band of brothers behind, what say you?

No, the stars desire one!

Only a fool could deny you, majesty
Unlike you I kill not brothers, we are one
You shall fall from the sky, incessant
We have a thirst for vengeance, unfulfilled
I shall fill your cup with the blood of those before you
Let their aspirations fill your belly, heartily
I should have known you were nothing of value
know that I wanted so much more for you

Why not accept your defeat gracefully
We care not for your kind, however
If it is war you desire, I grant it to you
We shall cleanse your world with our fire, no turning back
-Drum Solo-
--solo dedicated to dimebag--
-Bass Solo-
Track Name: Sand Spirals
Much that once was has long since been forgotten
Buried and lost weathered beyond recall
the times have changed brought fourth a new eon
one thing is clear others were here evidence is seen everywhere
A new age spawns the belief of ignorance
for too long have all shown lack of gestation
you must evolve or be dissolved into nothing
the scrolls of the dead are all we have left
all that holds weight are the teachings of the past
eyes show minds grow beyond all worlds fall given into time
Stars align breathe life into the souls of those destined to arise
sand covers all traces of the past now fossilized forgotten to time
Hourglass overturned it is time to prepare genesis inevitable
Dreams of freedom from this cage infiltrate the souls of those eager to banish ignorance
Break free from all that you accept as fact realize theres so much more than most choose to understand
this quintessential era beckons the question what must be done lest our history is doomed to repeat
the water rose eroded all that once was
fissures and quakes erase all manmade marvels
technology society reduced to nothing let go
order is lost replaced with utter chaos
the few who were spared assemble in reverence
rumors of a new order uttered endless
there is one among them who has risen to power eager to
traverse other planes
Attention to the Gods a new pawn has spawned to realign the order See in me what you will
to gain your good graces I offer sacrifice I give you the head
one of my own men
See Im committed with your help my power grows beyond all
with a life to live
Doors open before us almost there home forever
ascent after all
those who appose have no knowledge of mercy we've been here before
I know the mistakes that have been made Emperean opens
Learn from this stone etched temple
Let us light the way

[Now] its time to give this a try put the past behind, beckon the [sky]
Leave this behind, follow bloodlines inherit design
the powers within you, the spiral continues
release your virtues to become divine
We gather speed and supercede all that we [know]
Drop the hammer and prepare for geno[cide]
Momentum swings the pendulum back to the [start]
A new coil unravels out dark displace[ment]
Steel blades, blood lines
Lost Kings, new wives
Dim lands, bright skies
Long gone, my time

Let go of ignorance, LOST
Feel the land tremble forth, THROUGH
Now sound the drums of war, TIME
Leave this world take our place, SKY